The Art of Gothic;
The Shock of the Old

In this three-part series, Andrew Graham-Dixon looks back at 19th century Britain and its obsession with all things Gothic.

Directed by Ian Leese & Paul Tickell
BBC Arts for BBC 4

Hotel India

Four films capturing life behind the scenes at India's oldest and most famous hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai.

Directed by Lynn Alleway & Jonathan Taylor
The Garden for BBC 2

British Art at War
Paul Nash: The Ghosts of War

Andrew Graham Dixon tells the story of how the British artist Paul Nash responded to the cataclysm of the First World War.

Directed by Patrick Dickinson
DNA Productions for BBC 4

Return to Betjemanland

A N Wilson travels back to a landscape of beautiful houses and churches, beaches and seaside piers, where he reveals the life and work of poet and broadcaster Sir John Betjeman.

Directed by Alistair Laurence
BBC Bristol for BBC 4

Seven Wonders of the Commonwealth

In a one-off special to herald the start of the Commonwealth Games, Anita Rani visits the oldest desert on the planet while Denise Lewis canoes down the Zambezi to see the world's largest waterfall.

Directed by Lucy Swingler
BBC Bristol for BBC 1

Meet the Mormons

With unique access this documentary follows a young British Mormon as he gives up two years of his life to become a missionary in Leeds.

Directed by Lynn Alleway
CVTC for Channel 4

The Culture Show - Lynn Barber's Celebrity Masterclass

Renowned for her audacious, brilliantly honest and often caustic profiles, Lynn Barber talks to Alan Yentob about her job of interviewing and writing about celebrities.

Directed by Claire Bevan
BBC Arts for BBC1

Italy Unpacked
Series 2

Beginning in Liguria, a region bordered by mountains and a beautiful rocky coastline which inspired the English Romantic poets, Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli travel along the west coast of Italy, exploring the culture and cuisine of the diverse regions.

Directed by Cassie Farrell & Rod Williams
Wall to Wall for BBC 2

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