Union with David Olusoga

The future of the Union is today at greater threat than at any time in living memory. In this ambitious 4-part, landmark series David Olusoga uncovers the long history of union and disunion; tracing their origins back centuries.

Directed by Francis Welch, Jonathan Rowlands and Steven Clarke
Uplands TV & Wall to Wall for BBC 2

Secrets of the Bay City Rollers

Nicky Campbell explores the Bay City Rollers' rise to being one of the biggest pop bands of the '70s as tartan fever spread across the world - while behind the scenes a much darker side to the story played out.

Directed by Chris Boulding
Summer Films for ITV

Who Do You Think You Are?  Series 20

Kevin Clifton and Chris Ramsay trace their ancestry.

Directed by Ben Southwell and Toby Roebuck
Wall to Wall for BBC 1

My Grandparent’s War 
Series 2

Keira Knightly and Kit Harrington dig into their grandparents’ experiences of WWII.

Directed by Frank Hanly and Erica Gornall
Wonderhood for Channel 4

Who Do You Think You Are?  

Anna Maxwell Martin, Richard Osman and Sue Perkins trace their ancestry.

Directed by Sebastian Barfield, Mary Cranitch and Sue Hills
Wall to Wall for BBC 1

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace
Series 4

DNA technology with painstaking detective work, to get answers for people desperate to find out where they came from.

Directed by Alice Goodyear
Wall to Wall for ITV

Long Lost Family  Series 12

The multi-award winning series about people looking for missing family.

Directed by Nicki Stoker and Amy Morgan
Wall to Wall for ITV

Bridget Riley: Painting the Line

A rare glimpse into the world of Bridget Riley in her Cornish studio and accomanying her on a cliff-top walk in the landscape she finds so inspiring.

Directed by Jill Nicholls & Sophie Deveson
BBC Studios for BBC 2

Who Do You Think You Are?  Series 18

Alex Scott learns about her Jewish ancestry and travels to Jamaica for the first time in her life to find out about her great-great-grandmother.

Directed by Sarah Feltes
Wall to Wall for BBC 1

The Bambers: Murder at the Farm

This four part series re-examines the tragic murder of a family at a secluded English farmhouse in 1985 using first-hand testimony and unseen archive footage to reflect on the events and the conviction of Jeremy Bamber.

Directed by Lottie Gammon
Mindhouse Productions for Sky Arts

Tom Stoppard: A Charmed Life

An intimate portrait of the celebrated Czech-born British playwright as he awaits the re-opening of his acclaimed new play Leopoldstadt in London’s West End.

Directed by Jill Nicholls
BBC Arts for BBC 2

Statue Wars: One Summer in Bristol

This film follows Bristol’s mayor, Marvin Rees, as he and the city respond to the extraordinary events which followed the toppling of the Colston Statue in the summer of 2020.

Directed by Francis Welch
Uplands TV for BBC 2

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace

BAFTA Winner 2021
Best Television Feature

The extraordinary true story of two babies left on either side of the Irish border during the 'Troubles'.

Directed by Rosie Schellenberg
Wall to Wall Media for BBC1

Who Do You Think You Are?  Series 17

Ruth Jones - Nessa from Gavin and Stacey - uncovers her grandfather's role in the Medical Aid Societies of south Wales, which provided a model for the NHS.

Directed by Ben Southwell
Wall to Wall for BBC 1

Full Circle with Michael Palin

This 1997 documentary chronicles Michael Palin's 50,000-mile adventure over ten months through 18 countries that border the Pacific Ocean.

Additional photography 
Directed by Roger Mills & Clem Vallance
Prominent Pictures for BBC 1

Private life of the Windsors

This series tells the stories of three key figures in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II: Elizabeth’s rebellious sister Princess Margaret, her power hungry uncle Lord Mountbatten and her mother the royal matriarch: the Queen Mother.

Directed by Ben Reid
Renegade Pictures for the Smithsonian Channel

Prue Leith: Journey With My Daughter

In 1975, just before Pol Pot’s genocide in Cambodia, Prue Leith adopted her daughter Li-Da and brought her to the UK to be raised. Now Prue and Li-Da return to Cambodia in search of her biological family and to learn of the hundreds of other adopted children who also left.

Directed by Lottie Gammon
Bright Button Productions for Channel 4

The Countess and The Russian Billionaire

Inside the secret world of Sergei Pugachev, a Russian oligarch, and his British partner Countess Alexandra Tolstoy, mother of their three children.

Summer Films for BBC 2

Monty Don’s American Gardens

Ep2: Monty goes south to explore gardens of early independant America and learns how the history of this part of the country is still very much evident in the places and people he meets

Directed and produced by Alexandra Henderson 
AHA for BBC 2

Bone Detectives: Britain's Buried Secrets

Palaeontologist Tori Herridge and a team of scientists piece together the lives behind unearthed bones to find out their stories

Directed by Michael Waterhouse
Tern Television for Channel 4

My Grandparent's War

Helena Bonham Carter relates how her grandfather defied orders by helping Jewish people escape the Holocaust, while her grandmother volunteered as an air raid warden and campaigned for women's rights.

Directed by Frank Hanly

Carey Mulligan explores how her grandfather travelled thousands of miles to fight the Japanese in the final months of World War II, and lost his closest friends from a kamikaze attack at sea.

Directed by Chris Walker
Wild Pictures for Channel 4

Catching Britain's Killers:
The Crimes That Changed Us
Double Jeopardy

Exploring the ripples of one single case, this is the story of one mother’s determination to get justice for her daughter that would lead to an historic change in the law.

Directed by Karen McGann
Wall to Wall Media for BBC 2

The Cameron Years

For the first time, the former Prime Minister speaks candidly about his memoirs and his time in power.

Directed by Ian Leese
Produced by Denys Blakeway
Menace Productions for BBC1

Britain at Low Tide  Series 3

Tori Herridge explores extraordinary stories from Britain's extraordinary maritime, industrial and natural history, which are revealed when the tide goes out.

Directed by Michael Waterhouse
Tern Television for Channel 4

Who Do You Think You Are? Series 16
Katherine Ryan’s family history leads her from colonial Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to her English roots in Dorset.

And Paul Merton traces the life of his maternal grandfather and discovers that he was involved in some of the key events that led to Irish independence in the 1920s.

Directed by Ben Southwell and Francis Welch
Wall to Wall for BBC1

Fake or Fortune  Series 8
A Venetian View
De Chirico

Journalist Fiona Bruce teams up with art expert Philip Mould to investigate mysteries behind paintings.

Directed by Rachel Jardine
BBC Studios for BBC1

Long Lost Family  Series 9

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present the documentary series which aims to reunite family members after years of separation, and offers a lifeline for people who are desperate to find long-lost relatives.

Directed by Clare Bradbury, Susie Attwood, Claire Lewis & Mark Usher
Wall to Wall for ITV1

Victorian Sensations
Decadence and Degeneration

Actor Paul McGann discovers how fears of moral and imperial decline terrified 1890s Britain - informing the daring plays of Oscar Wilde and the fantastical stories of HG Wells.

Directed by Matt Thomas
BBC Studios for BBC4

Icons  Sports Stars

Celebrating the achievements of the greatest figures of the 20th century. This episode explores the legacies of sports stars Pele, Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King and Tanni Grey-Thompson.

Directed by David Vincent
72 Films for BBC2
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