Secrets from the Workhouse

Five well known personalities delve into the dark heart of Victorian poverty to unearth stories of heartache & sadness as well as tales of extraordinary triumph that help to unravel the secrets of this notorious institution.

Directed by Simon Chu
Wall to Wall for ITV1

Who Do You Think You Are? Series 10
Nick Hewer

Known as Alan Sugar's no nonsense advisor on The Apprentice Nick Hewer wants to find out more about his grandfather who was the High Sherriff of Belfast & ancestors who fought in the English Civil War.

Directed by Sarah Feltes
Wall to Wall for BBC 2

Horizon: What Makes Us Human?

Before her new baby is born, Professor Alice Roberts sets out to explore what it is about our bodies, our genes & ultimately our brains that sets us apart from our Great Ape cousins - what it is that truly makes us human?

Directed by Toby Macdonald
BBC Science of BBC2

Who Were The Greeks?

Classicist Dr Michael Scott uncovers the strange, alien world of the ancient Greeks, exploring the lives of the people who gave us democracy, architecture, philosophy, language, literature and sport.

Directed by Ishbel Hall & Catherine Abbott
Tern Television for BBC 2

Welcome to the World of Weight Loss

Documentary about dieting by critically acclaimed director Vanessa Engle. Filmed over three months, it follows the diverse members of three different slimming clubs as they try to lose weight.

Directed by Vanessa Engle
BBC Vision for BBC 2

Long Lost Family  Series 3

BAFTA Winner 2014
Best Television Feature

The series which aims to reunite family members after years of separation, and offers a lifeline for people who are desperate to find long-lost relatives.

Directed by Sally Benton, Clare Bradbury, Kate Scholefield & Juliet Singer
Wall to Wall for ITV1

Town with Nicholas Crane
Saffron Walden

Geographer Nicholas Crane celebrates British towns & explains why we should embrace the challenges they now face.

Directed by Ishbel Hall & Louise Say

The High Art of the Low Countries

Andrew Graham-Dixon shows how the art of Renaissance Flanders evolved from the craft of precious tapestries into a leading Painting School in its own right.

Directed by Ian Leese
BBC Arts for BBC 4

Meet the Izzards

Eddie Izzard turns DNA adventurer as he embarks on a remarkable, personal journey deep into his family history. Using his DNA as a road map he sets out to discover where he & we all came from, how we became us & how Eddie Izzard became Eddie Izzard.

Directed by Harvey Lilley
Western Front Productions for BBC 1

Heritage! The Battle for Britain's Past

Part of a series charting the movement to protect the heritage of the country, from it's birth in the 19th century to the Modern Day.

Directed by Ian Leese
BBC Arts for BBC 4
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