Amish: A Secret Life

BAFTA Winner 2013
Factual Photography 

A warm and intimate portrait of an Amish family's life and faith.

Directed by Lynn Alleway
BBC Wales for BBC 2

Inside Claridges

Behind the scenes of one of the world's most prestigious hotels.

Directed by Jane Treays
The Garden for BBC 2

Prehistoric Autopsy

Alice Roberts, George McGavin & a team of experts rebuild our ancient ancestors from the bones up. (Location filming only)

Directed by Harvey Lilley
BBC Science for BBC 2

Bomber Boys

Colin & Ewan McGregor explore the controversial history of Bomber Command, focusing primarily on the men who fought and died in the skies above occupied Europe - with numerous examples of individual heroism and extraordinary collective spirit, and Colin learns to fly the key aircraft of the campaign, the Lancaster bomber.

Directed by Harvey Lilley
Lion Television for BBC 1

Horizon: Mission to Mars

Horizon goes behind the scenes at NASA as they countdown to the landing of a 2.5 billion dollar rover on the surface of Mars.

Directed by Graeme McAulay
BBC Science for BBC 2

Long Lost Family  Series 2

The show that traces & reunites family members who have been separated most of their lives.

Directed by Kate Scholefield & Ian Leese
Wall to Wall for ITV

Guts: The Strange & Mysterious World of the Human Stomach

Michael Mosely spends a day as an exhibit at the Science Museum in London, where he swallows a tiny camera which transmits live pictures of his body digesting food.

Directed by Alicky Sussman
BBC Science for BBC 4

Off By Heart Shakespeare

Nine extraordinarily talented teenagers bid to become Shakespeare School Champion 2012

Directed by James Runcie
Silver River for BBC 2

The Decrypters

A team of America's leading forensic experts piece together the lives & deaths of four individuals from their skeletal remains unearthed in historical sites across the States.

Directed by Michael Douglas &
Bob Marsden
Shine for National Geographic (USA)
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