We Are Family: The Woolryches

Four generations of the Woolryches gather for a reunion which they hope can resolve some of their long-standing differences & bring the family closer together.

Directed by Danny Horan
Blast Films for BBC 2

Can Gerry Robinson fix Dementia Care Homes?

Businessman Gerry Robinson, whose father had dementia when he died, tries to turn around three struggling Care Homes. A huge business worth 6 billion pounds, a great deal of it is inadequate.

Directed by Tiffany Thomas & Colette Camden
BBC Vision for BBC 2

The Secret Life of Twins

Two films exploring the similarities or otherwise between identical twins & what science & the rest of society can learn from them.

Directed by Diene Petterle & Helen Williamson
BBC Vision for BBC 1

Harry Patch: The Last Tommy

Harry Patch, the last British veteran who fought in the trenches, and five other First World War veterans describe their lives after the Armistice of 1918 & reflect upon their experiences of WW2.

Directed by Harvey Lilley
Quickfire for BBC 1

Who Do You Think You Are? Series 6
Davina McCall

Davina travels to Paris to make an emotional reconnection with the French family of her estranged mother.

Directed by Kate Scholefield
Wall to Wall for BBC 1

Cutting Edge: My Monkey Baby

There are 15,000 monkeys living in people's homes in America. For some the human-like qualities of monkeys make them the preferred option to children.

Directed by Lynn Alleway
Glasshead for Channel 4

Empire of Cricket India

This film focuses on the game's new superpower, India, covering the game's development from sectarian gymkhana match-ups between Hindus & Muslims to India's entrance into the Test Match arena.

Directed by Alastair Laurence
BBC Bristol for BBC 2

Cutting Edge: Madeleine was here

Two years after Madeleine went missing, Gerry McCann returns to the apartment where he last saw his daughter. Also returning are two key witnesses & a team of investigators intent on carrying out a reconstruction of events surrounding Madeleine's disappearance.

Directed by Emma Loach
Mentorn for Channel 4

Keep it in the Family: The Castle Hotel

Two brothers return to their childhood home in Taunton to see if they are willing to take over the reins from their parents & save the family-owned hotel.

Directed by Barnaby Peel
Twofour for BBC 2

Dispatches: Crash - How the Banks went Bust

Economist & author Will Hutton talks to the key players in government, Wall street & the City & unveils the extent of the greed, ambition & reckless risk-taking that has pushed the economy into the worst recession for a century

Directed by Stephen Finnigan & Richard Sanders
Quicksilver for Channel 4

First Cut: Shopping the Family

Exploring the dilemma faced by two parents who did what they thought was right when they reported their children to the police.

Directed by Tom Pearson
Century Films for Channel 4

Nicholas Crane's Britannia: The Great Elizabethan Journey

An epic Nick Crane adventure history series covering 6000 miles of Elizabethan Britain...

Directed by Michael Waterhouse & Ishbel Hall
Tern Television for BBC 2

Gerry Robinson & the Money Makers

Businessman Gerry Robinson finds out what makes some of the country's financial movers & shakers tick.

Directed by Anna Lloyd & Srik Narayanan
BBC F & L for BBC 4
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