RAF at 90

Seen through the eyes of those who fought and those about to fight, this film reveals the joys & destructive realities of aerial warfare & explores the history of Britain's ever changing air force.

Directed by Kevin Sim
Prospect Films for BBC 2

Sleep Walkers: Secrets of the Night

A look at the disturbing night time activities of 4 people who are desperate to understand what happens when the light is switched off.

Directed by Lynn Alleway
Ten Alps for ITV

Cutting Edge: Mum, heroin & me

A moving portrait of a mother & daughter trying to love one another through the fog of heroin addiction.

Directed by Jane Treays
Granada for Channel 4

Cutting Edge: 90 naps a day

Following 3 British Narcolepsy sufferers as they head to a conference in Albany, New York where they encounter some unconventional approaches to coping with this much misunderstood condition.

Directed by Nick Holt
Firefly Films for Channel 4

Oligart: The Great Russian Art Boom

Marcel Theroux snoops around the secretive world of auction houses & art collectors in the burgeoning Russian Art market.

Directed by Stephen Finnigan
wall to wall for Channel 4

Cutting Edge: The Virgin Daughters

Following a group of fathers & daughters as they prepare to attend a Purity Ball in Colorado Springs, part of the controversial Purity Movement currently sweeping across the US.

Directed by Jane Treays
Granada for Channel 4

The Secret Millionaire 
Caroline Marsh

A successful property developer from Africa poses as a single mother recently arrived in Toxteth, eager to make a difference to individual lives & the community.

Directed by Sarah Feltes
RDF for Channel 4

Painted Babies Growing Up

Following up her acclaimed 1995 film Painted Babies, Jane Treays revisits the bizarre world of Child Beauty Pageants in the American South.

Directed by Jane Treays
Granada for BBC2 & TLC

Madeleine, One Year On

In the weeks leading up to the anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance her parents, Kate & Gerry, travel to the States & Brussels on their campaign to have a US-style Amber Alert system for abducted children introduced across Europe.

Directed by Emma Loach
Mentorn for ITV Network

Why Ancient Egypt Fell

Searching for evidence of pre-history along the banks of the River Nile.

Directed by Gabriella Polletta
IWC for Discovery Channel

Sport Portrait

Sporting celebrities sit for their portrait by painters such as Peter Blake and Jack Vettriano to raise money at aution for Sport Relief.

Directed by Kate Scholefield
12 Yard Productions for BBC 1

Cutting Edge: Phone Rage

"Don't get furious, get curious" ... inside the world of the modern Call Centre.

Directed by Lynn Alleway
Close-Up Films for Channel 4
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