Whatever happened to Gareth Gates?

After two years of media exile Gareth Gates finally opens the door to promote his new album.

Directed by Lynn Alleway
Century Films for ITV

Trouble in Paradise: The Pitcairn Story

With a population of only 43, the people of the remote Pacific island of Pitcairn are forced to reconsider their culture and future in the aftermath the 2005 rape trials.

Directed by Nick Godwin
Wag Television for Channel 4

Revealed: JFK's women

The scandalous side of JFK the American people never saw, explored through interviews and dramatic reconstuction.

Directed by Harvey Lilley
Quickfire Media for Channel 5

One Life: One Kiss Could Kill

Toby suffers from IPEX syndrome and is confined to life in a bubble. His survival depends upon finding a suitable match for a bone marrow transplant.

Directed by Rachel Crellin
BBC Specialist Factual for BBC 1

Cult Killer

A shocking and dramatic film which goes to the heart of one of world's most disturbing sects. For the first time on television, using Rick's suicide video and highly incriminating cult tapes and publications, we tell the tale of the cult’s home-grown avenging angel.

Directed by Nick Godwin
Wag Television for Channel 4

Pet Poisoners
Murder most fowl in suburbia

Directed by Jeremy Williams
Landmark Television for Channel 5

One Life: Breaking The Silence

One of the hardest parts of surviving child abuse is making sense of it as an adult.

Directed by Jimmy Edmonds
BBC Specialst Factual for BBC 1

World Cup Stories:
  From Darkness into Light

RTS Winner
Best Sports Documentary

The story of the 1978 World Cup played out against the backdrop of the military Junta, The Disappeared and the imminent Falklands War.

Directed by Alastair Laurence
BBC Bristol for BBC 2

Fat Pets

When man's best friend becomes literally stuffed with love.

Directed by Rachel Bliss
Landmark Films for Channel 4

The Armstrongs

A window on the world of the larger than life Armstrongs.

Directed by Fergus O'Brien
BBC Specialist Factual for BBC 2

Real Lives: The Man With The Seven Second Memory

The remarkable story of Clive Wearing who suffers from one of the most extreme cases of amnesia ever known.

Directed by Jane Treays
Granada Television for ITV
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