Secret Intersex

RTS Nomination: Best Science Documentary

This remarkable, award-winning series explores what it means to be neither male nor female. It is one of the few medical taboos left.

Directed by Nick Godwin
Wag Television for Channel 4
2 x 60 min / Digi Beta

The Big Read: John Sergeant and Catch 22

John Sergeant goes back to Vietnam where he worked as a BBC war correspondent and first read Joseph Heller's Catch 22.

Directed by Alastair Laurence
BBC Bristol for BBC 2
1 x 30 min / Digi Beta

Supersize Kids

Following a mother and daughter who resort to surgery in order to lose weight.

Directed by James Dawson
RDF for Channel 4
1 x 60 min / DSR & Digi Beta

British Isles: A Natural History

Alan Titchmarsh turns landscape detective to unravel the epic story of the evolution of the British Isles...

Directed by Chris Cole
Part of series / Digi Beta and Super 16mm

Monarchy by David Starkey: Death of a Dynasty

Passionate history with Dr David Starkey.

Directed by Lucy Swingler
Granada Television for Channel 4
1 x 60 min / Digi Beta

One Life: Rat Attack!

Chasing rats with sticks and guns in the back alleys of Bootle.

Directed by Nick O'Dwyer
Landmark Films for BBC1
1 x 40 min / Digi Beta

The Tsar's last Picture Show

Historian Orlando Figes explores the life of photographer Sergi Prokudin-Gorsky creator of a remarkable colour archive of the Russian Empire, captured on the eve revolution.

Directed by Alastair Laurence
BBC Bristol for BBC 4
! x 60 min / Digi Beta

Kill or Cure: Phil's Decision

A moving account of the last days of Phil Sutch's life after his decision to refuse further treatment in his battle against Motor Neuron Disease.

Directed by Rachel Coughlan
BBC Specialist Factual for BBC 2
1 x 60 min / Digi Beta
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