Body Hunt: Search for the Unknown Soldiers

Following forensic archaeologist Margaret Cox in the painstaking process of identifying the remains of British soldiers found in the largest mass grave of WW1.

Directed by Sarah Feltes
BBC Documentaries for BBC 1

Pet Hate

A volatile mixture of neighbours and their pets.

Directed by Nick O'Dwyer
Landmark Films for BBC 1

Kings and Queens

Channel Five's landmark dramatised documentary series tracing England's monarchy.

Directed by Marion Milne and Lucy Swingler
3BM for Channel Five

Rock on and on...

A record of life on the road with Status Quo as the band near the end of their UK tour, from Southend to Bournmouth via Dundee.

Directed by Jane Treays
Granada Television for Channel 4

Wild Weather

From the summit of Mount Washington to the sea ice of Greenland, Donal MacIntyer endures extreme cold in his quest to experience the world's worst weather.

Directed by Ben Fox and Alex Marengo
BBC Science for BBC 2

Sex, Guys and Videotape

A glimpse into the lives of two single girls searching for a man to love on their terms.

Directed by Lynn Alleway
BBC Documentaries for BBC 2

Midas Revisited

The story of Captain Leake's discovery of the tomb of King Midas at Gordion, central Turkey.

Directed by Michael Waterhouse
3BM for Discovery
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