Boss Women: Anna Wintour

The original and still the best portrait of the most powerful woman in fashion. Filmed in the New York offices of American Vogue during the preparation of the February 2000 issue and following Anna and her entourage to the Paris Fashion Week we gain a fascinating insight into the world of glamour & power at the highest possible level.

Directed by Christine Hall
BBC Documentaries for BBC 1

Confidence Lab

A pioneering series that follows a group of people through an intensive course of confidence building therapy.

Directed by Ian Denyer, Emma Bowen and Jenny Ash
Kudos Productions for BBC 2


This groundbreaking BBC series focuses on key moments in human prehistory from our origins as upright African apes, to our lonely position today as the last remaining human species.

Directed by Charlie Smith and Lisa Silcock
BBC Science for BBC 2 and Discovery 

Superhuman: Spare Parts / Baby Builders

Professor Robert Winston explores the human body's astonishing ability to heal, renew and regenerate itself.

Directed by John Groom, Kate Barker and Dinah Lord
BBC Science for BBC 1 and TLC

The Rolling Stones
Bridges to Babylon Tour 

An "access all areas" record of the Stones Bridges to Babylon world tour.

Directed by Jane Treays
The Rolling Stones Archive
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