1999 ︎︎︎
To The Ends Of The Earth:
Who Killed Fletcher Christian?

Following a team of Australian archeologists to the remote island of Pitcairn in the south Pacific where they dig, sift and dive for clues as to what happened to the Bounty mutineers when they finally reached their Eden.

Directed by Nick Godwin
RDF for Channel 4

The Clintons: A Marriage of Power 

Indie Awards Winner
RTS and BAFTA Finalist 

Best Documentary series

Chasing Bill and Hilary all over the States as they run for cover in the fallout of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Directed by Paul Mitchell, Charles Bruce and Roger Mills
Mentorn Barraclough Carey for Channel 4 and TLC

Flying Soldiers

Six part series following a group of trainee helicopter pilots through what is described by the Army as the most difficult course of them all.

Directed by Tim Lambert
Touch productions for BBC 1

Full Circle with Michael Palin

Additional photography

50,000 miles of adventure & entertainment, travelling through 18 countries bordering the world's largest ocean.

Directed by Clem Vallance and Roger Mills
Prominent Television for BBC 1
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