Gold Rush

The story of the build up to the 2012 Olympics told be the athletes, organisers and politicians as they reflect back on that fleeting moment of national glory.

Directed by Stephen Finnigan BBC Studios for BBC 1
4 x 60min

Lucy Worsley’s Blitz

Based on the diaries of five Londoners living through the Blitz, Lucy Worsley debunks the myths and gets closer to the reality of what it was really like in this dramatised series.

Directed by Emma Frank
Brook Lapping for BBC 1

Long Lost Family - Born Without a Trace series 2

More extraordinary and moving stories of babies abandoned decades ago finally reunited with their birth family.

Directed by Rosie Schellenberg
Wall to Wall Media for ITV 1

Who Do You Think You Are? - Series 17

Comedian Joe Lycett goes against the grain tracking down his ancestors.

Directed by David Vincent
Wall to Wall Media for BBC 1

Secret Cities

What lies beneath - the less explored London and Berlin revealed.

Directed by Duncan Bulling
Bigger Bang Productions for the Smithsonian Channel

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