Who Do You Think You Are? Hugh Dennis

Two grandfathers, both fought in Northern France in the First World War, both survived. With the help of a battlefield historian comedian Hugh Dennis retraces their steps.

Directed by Mark Bates
Wall to Wall Media for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

Who Do You Think You Are? US Rita Wilson

Mrs Tom Hanks unravels the recent past in wintry Bulgaria.
Directed by Elizabeth Dobson
Shed Media US for NBC/BBC
1 x 60 mins

The Whole Truth

From Magna Carta to Asbo, this series examins the history behind this nation's greatest export: English Law.

Directed by John Das
BBC Bristol for BBC 4
1 of 3 x 60 mins

The Comic Strip Presents...The Hunt for Tony Blair

BAFTA nominated for Best Comedy Drama

The Prime Minister is on the run and the boys in blue give chase, blowing their whistles. The charge? Murder... Stephen Mangan takes the lead, with Robbie Coltrane & Jennifer Saunders in Peter Richardson's darkly comic political film noir.

Directed by Peter Richardson
Great Western Features for Channel Four
46 mins

The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner

A celebration of the life of the early twentieth century scientist, philosopher & visionary is combined with his thoughts & writings. The film explores their practical applications today in medcine, education & farming and traces the worldwide relevance of the godfather of alternative living.

Directed by Jonathan Stedall
Cupola Productions for Network Broadcast
90 mins


Kirk Cameron investigates the US Administration's conspiracy to cover up Christian principles behind America's constitution.

Directed by Duane Barnhart
Monumental Pictures for Theatrical Release
90 mins

The Queen's Palaces

A series looking at the history and treasures of the less frequented parts of three royal residences
presented by Fiona Bruce.

Directed by Ian Leese
BBC Arts for BBC 1
1 of 3 x 60 mins

Who Do You Think You Are? Emilia Fox

More family ancestors exhumed in another series of observational genealogy.

Directed by Leo Burnley
Wall to Wall Television for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

First Cut — The Merits of Ferrets

Seventy ferrets in the back garden is not the only odd thing about this most peculiar household, but beneath the furry outside is a moving story of identity.

Directed by Becky Lomax
The Garden Productions for Channel Four
30 mins

Town – Perth

Crossing the high streets and picking his way through the back alleys, Nick Crane gets under the skin of four British towns.

Directed by Ishbel Hall
Tern Television for BBC 2
1 of 4 x 60 mins
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