Meet the Elephant Man

Amongst the glass cases of the London Hospital's Museum of Pathology is the horribly deformed skeleton of Joseph Merrwick - known in Victorian freak shows as the Elephant Man.

Directed by Mark Radice
Windfall Films for Channel Four
1 x 90 mins

Revealed – The King's Speech

Using the family's archive of letters & documents Mark Loague, grandson of George VI's now famous Australian speech therapist Lional Loague, tries to find out what it was that made the man into such a success & consequently the recent film a British cinematic phenomenon.

Directed by Sarah Feltes
Bedlam Productions for Channel Five
46 mins

Monty Don's Italian Gardens

Monty Don takes a grand tour around Italy's magnificent gardens, from the luxurious retreats of the moneyed north to the lavish hideaways of the romantic south. Monty begins his journey in Rome, power house of emperors and popes, to explore gardens that are among some of the most extravagant and flamboyant ever created.

Directed by Patty Kraus
Blink Films for BBC 2
4 x 60 mins

The Beauty of Books

From the Winchester Bible to the Kindle, books in their many forms are examined and discussed.

Directed by Michael Waterhouse & Will Aspinal
Tern Television for BBC 4
4 x 30 mins

Who Do You Think You Are? Gwyneth Paltrow

The Hollywood star uncovers her Caribbean ancestry.

Directed by Liz Dobson
Wall to Wall for NBC/BBC 2
1 x 45/60 mins

A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss

In this three-part series celebrating the greatest achievments of horror cinema, Mark Gatiss gets the inside story from leading directors including George A Romero and John Carpenter. Often regarded as only for hardcore fans, these films were often made by pioneering filmmakers and reflected the social upheavals of their time and brought with them their own energy and imagination.

Directed by John Das
BBC Bristol for BBC 4
3 x 60 mins

Wonderland: High Society Brides

For over 100 years Country Life magazine has celebrated the great country houses of England and peeked into the lives of those who lived in them. This film tracks down five blue-blooded women who announced their engagements in it's well known pages. Brought up to believe that marrying someone with a stately home or country estate would deliver them wonderful lives. We find out what really happened.

Directed by Hannah Berryman
Keo Films for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

Who Do You Think You Are? Hugh Quarshie,
Monty Don, Alexander Armstrong

The latest series blows the dust off the family archives once more.

Directed by Chris Walker & Sarah Feltes
Wall to Wall for BBC 2
3 x 60 mins

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