Who Do You Think You Are? Sarah Jessica Parker

Some of the Hollywood A-list delve deep into their own past as the series crosses the Atlantic.

Directed by Sarah Feltes
Wall to Wall US for NBC/BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

Rude Britannia

From the Beggar's Opera through political satire to Oz magazine, this series charts our nation's ability to laugh at ourselves but particularly those in power. 

Directed by Alastair Laurence and Francis Welch

BBC Bristol for BBC 4
3 x 60 mins

The Hope Diamond

A documentary unravelling the mystery behind the world's largest and most infamous jewel.

Directed by Mark Radice
Blink Films for Channel Four/Smithsonian Network
1 x 48 mins

Who Do You Think You Are? Emmitt Smith

A timely Afro-American road trip through slavery and the cotton fields of the deep South and in the distance, Africa.

Directed by Chris Walker
Wall to Wall US for NBC/BBC 2
1 x 60 mins


Directed by Emma Walsh and James Dawson
Ricochet for BBC 2
6 x 60 mins
Monty Don rediscovers traditional British Crafts meeting both master craftsman & apprentices eager to learn a new trade. 

Saviour Siblings

Parents struggle with the dilema of genetically screening embryos to create a child in a potentially lifesaving gamble to help their dying sibling.

Directed by Emma Loach
Mentorn Media for BBC 1
1 x 60 mins

My Child Won't Speak

An observational film following the lives of three children who are temporarily unable to speak.

Directed by Barnaby Peel
Landmark Films for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins


The concluding part of Vanessa Engle's series looks at a small group of passionate & committed young feminist activists who believe that the need for feminist politics is now more urgent than ever.

Directed by Vanessa Engle
BBC Vision for BBC 4
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