We Are Family

The Woolrych family, feuding & estranged are brought together by their aging patriarch to make amends in a big family reunion.

Directed by Danny Horan
Blast Films for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

Can Gerry Robinson fix Dementia Care Homes?

Businessman Gerry Robinson, whose father had dementia when he died, tries to turn around three struggling Care Homes. A huge business worth 6 billion pounds, a great deal of it is inadequate.

Directed by Tiffany Thomas & Colette Camden
BBC Vision for BBC 2
2 x 60 min

Horizon: How Long Is A Piece Of String?

Alan Davies swiftly enters the world of quantum physics trying to answer the proverbial question.

Directed by Rob Liddel
BBC Science for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

The Podfather

A profile of Robert Noyce, inventor of the integrated circuit, guru of Silicon Valley, godfather of the modern world and possibly the most influential unknown person of modern times.

Directed by John Das
BBC Bristol for BBC 4
1 x 60 mins

The Secret Life of Twins

Two films exploring the similarities or otherwise between identical twins & what science & the rest of society can learn from them.

Directed by Diene Pettrele and Helen Wiliamson
BBC Vision for BBC 1
2 x 60 mins

The Secret Millionaire

An episode in this series follows a blind woman going undercover, with something to give.

Directed by Rachel Crellin
RDF for Channel Four
1 x 48 mins

Who Do You Think You Are? Kim Cattrall

Sex In The City star sets out on the trail of the grandfather she never knew.

Directed by Elizabeth Dobson
Wall to Wall Media for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

Cutting Edge: Madeleine Was Here

Two years after Madeleine went missing, Gerry McCann returns to the apartment where he last saw his daughter.

Directed by Emma Loach
Mentorn Media for Channel Four
1 x 52 mins

Keep it in the Family: The Castle

A film following the succession of a family business from father to sons

Directed by Barnaby Peel
Two Four for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

Dispatches: Crash - How The Banks Went Bust

Will Hutton examines the global economic crisis with contributions from Ministers, City Analysts and Wall Street Bankers.

Directed by Steve Finnigan and Richard Saunders
Quicksilver Media for Channel Four
2 x 50 mins

Cutting Edge: The Millionaire and the Murder Mansion

Following the police forensic investigation this film pieces together the events that lead to the destruction of a family.

Directed by Nick Poyntz
Films of Record for Channel Four
1 x 50 mins

Horizon: Predicting Disaster

Scientists travel to China to discover what lessons can be learned from the disasterous earthquake in May 2008 which left seventy thousand dead.

Directed by Mark Radice
BBC Horizon for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

Building the Dream

Government Ministers, architects and local residents fight it out in the long build-up to East London's entry onto the world stage in 2012.

Directed by Min Clough/Rachel Crellin
BBC Specialist Factual for BBC 2
2 of 3 x 60 mins

Cutting Edge: Rich Kid, Poor Kid

Two teenage girls from opposite ends of the same London street agree to meet up and compare their different lives.

Directed by Zac Beattie
Close-Up Films for Channel Four
1 x 50 mins

Cutting Edge: Mum, Heroin and Me

A graphic portrait of the devastation caused by heroin addiction in the relationship between a mother and daughter.

Directed by Jane Treays
Granada TV for Channel Four
1 x 50 mins
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