Behind the Scenes: The Queen's Coronation

A film dramatising the hours around the Queen's coronation and Cecil Beaton's official portraits of the royals at the Palace.

Directed by Lucy Swingler
Quickfire Media for Channel Four
1 x 50 mins

Cutting Edge: Ninety Naps A Day

Three people with this rare condition travel to the US to meet up with fellow sufferers.

Directed by Nick Holt
Firefly Film and TV for Channel Four
1 x 50 mins

Oligart: The Great Russian Art Boom

Marcel Theroux snoops around the secretive world of auction houses and art dealers in the burgeoning world of the Russian market.

Directed by Stephen Finnigan
Wall To Wall for Channel Four
1 x 50 mins

Who Do You Think You Are? Ainsley Harriott

Genealogical journeying in the West Indies.

Directed by Liz Dobson
W to Wall Television for BBC 2
1 x 60 mins

Picture Book

A chronological history of children's book illustration.

Directed by Francis Welch, Kate Broom
BBC Bristol for BBC 4
3 x 60 mins

Timeshift: How To Be A Good President

Power, charisma and corruption in the White House examined through the legacy of post-war US administrations.

Directed by Rachel Jardine
BBC Bristol for BBC 4
1 x 60 mins

The Unseen Alistair Cooke

From austere 1920's Blackpool to worldly comfort overlooking Central Park, family and friends recall the public figure and the private life of the much-loved man.

Directed by Rachel Jardine
BBC Bristol for BBC 4
1 x 60 mins

Britain's Lost World

The remote island wilderness of St Kilda explored.

Directed by Ishbel Hall
IWC Television for BBC 1
3 x 60 mins

The Truth About Triplets

Three sets of triplets under the microscope.

Directed by Stephen Finnigan
Hart Davies for ITV 1
1 x 50 mins

Madeleine, One Year On

A film documenting Kate and Gerry McCann's drive to create a Europe-wide system to prevent other families going through a similar ordeal should a child go missing in future.

Directed by Emma Loach
Mentorn Media for ITV Network
1 x 110 mins

Cutting Edge: The Girls Who Were Found Alive

When two young girls disappeared from the streets of Hastings a huge search was launched and the community began to face it's darkest fears.

Directed by Steve Finnigan
Gecko Productions for Channel Four
1 x 50 mins

Feeding Clinic

Parents of children with extreme eating disorders seek help from a special unit at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Directed by Dee Lahiri
Ricochet TV for ITV
1 x 46 mins

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